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Neues vom Enterprise Project, IT`S TIME TO BUG UPN
Beitrag 5. Apr 2004, 12:53
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CONTACT: info @ enterpriseproject.org

Recently, The Enterprise Project spearheaded Operation Open Letter. This letter, directed to UPN's Dawn Ostroff and Les Moonves of CBS, was published in The Hollywood Reporter (24 February) in support of Star Trek: Enterprise. More than $4,000 was raised for the ad, with a surplus of funds donated to charity.

Project members are now pleased to announce a new campaign: In keeping with the idea of "bugging" UPN and the other powers that be, Enterprise viewers from all over the world will send an avalanche of unique postcards, many of them featuring the Xindi Insectoid "Baby Bugs."

These projects demonstrate that the fans of the long running and beloved Star Trek franchise enjoy and respect the series so much that they have taken upon themselves the task of promoting it.

Fans of Enterprise hope that UPN, CBS, Paramount and parent company Viacom will come to realize that millions of viewers worldwide will continue to "bug" them until the show is renewed for a fourth season. Most of these viewers have no Nielsen boxes or any other means of proving how large and loyal an audience Star Trek: Enterprise commands.

Fans expect a huge mail-in response to this campaign and invite all who wish to support Star Trek: Enterprise to participate by sending postcards during the month of April. They hope it will convince network executives that Enterprise has a large, loyal and involved audience that is highly attractive to potential sponsors and that the series is eminently worthy of renewal.

For more information and addresses, please visit our web site: www.enterpriseproject.org

"I don't trust anything that bleeds for six days and doesn't die."
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Beitrag 7. Apr 2004, 09:48
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Muahahahaha .... sieht so jemand aus, der gerettet werden sollte ....


kiss your face and touch your skin
I will slide my fingers in
let me show you what I can.

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Beitrag 7. Apr 2004, 10:19
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QUOTE (nepharite)
Muahahahaha .... sieht so jemand aus, der gerettet werden sollte ....

laugh.gif du kannst so b├Âse sein... laugh.gif

das bild erinnert mich irgendwie an die lebensgro├čen poster, die es damals von kirk gab. so eins hatte ich damals, vor mehr als 10 jahren, mal an meiner zimmert├╝r.

ich s├Ąhe lieber eine "bring back deep space nine"-kampagne in zusammenhang mit einem neuen kinofilm.
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